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Uber Clone Scripts for Global Startups

Are you an individual taxi driver ?

Looking for a reliable taxi meter...

You are at the right place.
We have GPS or Pulse based taxi meters.

Uber Clone Scripts for Global Startups

Do you own a small taxi company ?

You want to manage a samll taxi fleet...

You are at the right place.
We can offer you both client and driver app under our brand name with fully functional backend.

Uber Clone Scripts for Global Startups

Do you own a medium taxi company ?

Want to manage a taxi fleet efficiency...

You are at the right place.
We will offer you both client and driver app under your brand name and fully functional own backend.

Uber Clone Scripts for Global Startups

Do you own a large taxi company ?

You want to manage a large taxi fleet effectively...

You are at the right place.
Our research and development high tech contribution for you.

Product Overview

Get maximum return on investment in automating and transforming your business by opting our comprehensive Uber like taxi app solution.

Passenger App Mobisoft Infotech

Delightful taxi booking app experience for customers

Our taxi app developers have built native iOS & Android taxi/cab booking apps with all the key features and an intuitive UI to make seamless cab bookings with your branded app.

Users can easily create an account using their email or choose to login with their social accounts.

Users can view the available ride options, choose a destination, get fare estimates, ETA and book a ride with confidence.

Users are able to track driver to their pickup location in real time on a map, get alerts when their cab arrives via SMS and push notifications.

Users are able to pay for their ride from a number of payments options including cash and view their ride history.

Your customers can use built-in SOS button during emergencies, share ride with family, friends or employer and rate drivers for their service.

Driver App Mobisoft Infotech

Native Android apps for drivers

Your driver partners can receive and accept ride requests from the users or manual dispatchers through the driver app and offer a prompt, reliable and safe driving service to your users.

Allow drivers to fill basic info and upload necessary documents like license, vehicle registration papers, etc., from within the app.

Drivers get pinged on the app and get a simple interface to accept or decline a request.

Drivers get user trip information and built-in navigation to make a seamless pick up and drop, building customer trust.

Drivers can track their daily earnings, view pending payments and get useful insights on their performance.

Built-in Taxi Dispatch System Mobisoft Infotech

A central management hub for taxi business owners

We empower you as the business/platform manager to view and control all aspects of the taxi booking operations from a simple to use browser based panel, packed with rich features like built-in taxi dispatch system and open for custom integrations as per your specific requirements.

View and approve requests for new driver signups and add new drivers manually when required.

View record of all users registered on your platform, view their feedback and provide them targeted offers.

Automatic billing settlements for your driver partners and detailed trip history keeps transaction records simple.

Get useful insights on how your business is performing with key metrics, so that you can improve and grow faster.

Taxi Dispatch System for Dispatcher

Dedicated panel for your manual dispatch operators

The smart taxi dispatch system allows dispatchers to schedule trips, take phone bookings, assign trips to drivers, take recurrent bookings, track taxi locations, track payment and send auto-generated taxi fare receipt via email after completion of the trip.

You can have multiple dispatchers to take requests via calls and online booking to assign them to the right driver quickly.

View all trips in real time on an interactive map and manage any emergency situation promptly with push alerts.

Dispatchers can quickly create a booking for repeated customers, add new customers to database, provide fare estimates and more.

View feedback and ratings for both passengers and drivers and accordingly take actions like suspend drivers, issue warnings, etc.

 VOIP PBX with Call Centre CRM

VOIP PBX with Call Centre CRM

Engaged agents — Satisfied customers — A single, user-friendly UI for call agents. Ideal for Taxi Companies or any business establishment that needs the location of the customer to provide an efficient service. Ideal to provide taxi service to traditional users who request a taxi using a telephone call. The CRM displays passenger location on a Google Map.

Corporate Portal to Mange Taxi Fleets Assigned to Corporates

The Corporate Portal allows to assign users and credits to companies who registers with taxi companies for corporate hires.

Implementation & Launch

A comprehensive and tailored process from knowing about your solution requirements to successfully launching your apps on the app stores.

  • Requirement Analysis

    Personalized interactions for comprehensive requirement gathering.

  • Payments Integration

    Built-in support for popular payment gateways with new integration support.

  • Notifications Integration

    Push notifications, email updates and SMS alerts setup.

  • Analytics Integration

    Support for integration with popular analytics platforms.

  • Server Setup & Backup

    On-premise deployment of the solution with a data backup option in place.

  • Security Compliance Check

    Full data security audit to meet HIPAA and other compliance standards.

  • App Store Submissions

    Successful listing on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

  • Support & Maintenance

    Dedicated launch and technical support for smooth operations.

Taxi App implementation Mobisoft Infotech

Product Video

Full Feature List

Our base solution comes with a host of features for passengers, drivers, admins and dispatchers and can be further enhanced with advanced features, integrations and customizations as per your business needs.

Easy Onboarding

Customers can register with email, mobile number or use social logins.

Ride Now

Customers can quickly book a ride of their choice in a few taps.

Ride Later

Customers can schedule a ride for a future date and time.

Real Time ETA

Customers will get accurate arrival times of their cabs.

Fare Estimates

Customers can get approximate fares by providing their destination.

Multiple Payment Options

Customers can pay as they like with cash, cards, wallets and more.

Notification Alerts

Customers get important alerts via push notifications, SMS and email.

SOS Button

Customers can quickly call to get a help with built-in emergency button.

Track Driver

Customers can view their cab arriving on a map in real time.

Promo Codes

Customer can save a few bucks by applying promo and offer codes.

Referral Rewards

Customer get unique referral code to share and receive free rides/ credit.

Cancel Booking

Customers are free to cancel trips anytime in case of any changes.

Contact Driver

Customers can always contact their driver to coordinate a pickup.

Rate Driver

Customers can rate their ride experience and provide feedback.

Trip History

Customers can view all their past and upcoming trips in one place.

Favorite Location

Customers can prioritize their favorite home and work locations for quicker bookings.

Business Profile

Customers can set up a separate profile for business travel for separate billings.

Help & Support

Customers can read FAQs for simple help or raise a support ticket from the app.

Split Fare

Customers can easily share costs with their friends and colleagues for shared trips.

Book For Others

Customers can book a ride for others if they are unable to book one themselves.

Easy Registration

Drivers can quickly add the necessary details and request a signup.

Availability Button

Drivers can mark themselves online or offline anytime and stay flexible.

Real Time Requests

Drivers get notified for new requests with pickup details.


Intuitive interface to accept rides in limited time frame.

Trip Information

Drivers get essential details about their customer for a seamless pickup and drop.


Built-in navigation with Google maps provides the best route and ETA information.

Contact Passenger

Drivers can call passengers for any clarification on pickup location.

Start/End Trip

Drivers mark when arriving, start and end a trip to get automated bills.

Track Earnings

Drivers can view their entire job history and daily earnings under earnings tab.

Driver Dashboard

Drivers get useful stats and insights on their trips, performance and feedback.

Rate Customer

Drivers also get option to rate their rides and flag bad customers and behavior.

Help & Support

Offer your driver partners feature to raise support ticket for their queries.

Secure Login

Login to your web based admin panel from any browser securely.

Admin Dashboard

Get quick summary and statistics on operations and performance.

Manage Drivers

Add drivers, review signup requests, set commission rates and more.

Manage Customers

View all registered customers on your service and get more details.

Manage Dispatchers

Add and manage operators and dispatchers to handle booking requests.

Manage Vehicles

Add cars and vehicle information in your fleet for simplified management.

Manage Categories

Add and update your car offerings to target different customer segments.

Manage Tariffs

Set and manage fares with granular settings for distance, wait time and more.

Trip Tracking

Track on rides being conducted by your fleet through a master view.

Reporting & Analytics

Get useful stats and insights on your business for smarter decision making.

Dispatcher Panel

Dedicated taxi dispatch system managed by your approved operators.

Manual Bookings

Your dispatchers can create new booking requests quickly from the interface.

Site Settings

Manage SMTP mail settings, SMS templates and more from the admin console.

Number Masking

Passenger phone numbers will stay hidden from drivers to maintain privacy.

Surge Pricing

Offer dynamic pricing to handle demand and supply mismatch.

Referral Rewards

Customer get unique referral code to share and receive free rides/credit.

Split Fare

Customers can easily share costs with their friends and colleagues for shared trips.

Pickup Suggestions

Passengers get smart suggestions to choose faster pickup points near them.

In-app chat

Allow customers and drivers to chat with support from within the apps.

VoIP Calls

Allow calls over data or Wifi between passengers and drivers.

Web App

Allow your customers to book from the mobile web without needing an app.

Call Bookings

Integrate customer booking requests through calls with your dispatch system.

Operational Zone Setup

Admins can set their region of operations to accordingly receive and dispatch requests.

Demand Map

Drivers can view areas with heavy demand for more pickups.

Flat Pricing

Admins can set flat fare for popular routes like airport pick and drops.

Driver Destinations

Drivers can provide their destination choice to get rides in that direction.

Calendar Integration

Passengers can opt-in to share their calendar events for destination suggestions.

Physical Meters Support

We can provide meter based fare calculation to meet government compliance.

RTL Language Support

Serve over a billion people who use right to left text for reading and writing.

Competitive & Flexible Pricing

We not only provide you choice to customise your taxi booking app solution with features and integrations but also how you want to pay for your taxi app development project

Fixed Cost

We offer a customized one time price based on the specific requirements of your taxi project.

Monthly Subscription

Pay as you go with a reasonable monthly fees and get the latest updates and taxi features for free.

Technology And Solution Architecture

A robust enterprise grade technology stack used by our in-house taxi app development team to power your branded taxi booking app and system


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